Joanne Snodgrass Returns To QVC

Joanne Snodgrass, designer of Kimini,the 4-in 1 fashion accessory, was featured again live on QVC Wednesday July 20th at 10pm with host Kerstin Lindquist of the new segment called THE SHOP. The Kimini looked fabulous on Kerstin as a poncho!  Joanne was on air for 7 minutes and 18 seconds and in that time was able to demonstrate all 4 distinctively different looks and some looks twice! The cocoon cardigan, the poncho, a skirt and an infinity scarf.

Joanne on QVC

Designer, Joanne Snodgrass, was live on QVC Thursday February 11th, 2016, featuring the Kimini your chic 4 in 1 fashion accessory.  Gabrielle Kerr hosted Joanne in a 6 minute segment while Joanne showed the four ways to wear the knit Kimini.  The Kimini was a Sprouts winner from the Today Show and QVC contest and was named America’s Next Big Thing in Fashion and is now a best seller on QVC.  Great job Joanne!

Congratulations, Joanne

Congratulations to designer Joanne Snodgrass for making it to the top 3 finalist on Today Show’s contest America’s Next Big Thing.  As a result the Kimini will be a featured item on Orders have been flying  off the shelves since it has aired on Tuesday.  The timing couldn’t be sweeter as Joanne debuts her signature boutique, Nouvelle, in Palm Beach, FL.  Please stop in and check out the wide array of colors and prints in the Kimini along with Nouvelle’s exquisite silk collection. Stay tuned for Nouvelle’s grand opening in November!


Joanne Snodgrass on the Today Show

Joanne Snodgrass, designer of the Kimini, was featured live on the Today Show this morning. Joanne entered a contest that QVC and the Today Show partnered together called America’s Next Big Thing. Joanne made it through the finals out of 2000 contestants. Joanne is the designer of the Kimini- a chic fashion solution to ward off the AC chills. The Kimini converts easily from an infinity scarf to a kimono/shrug, skirt or poncho by just unbuttoning it. It is available in wrinkle-free chiffon, knits and cashmere and a wide array of colors and knits and in 3 sizes- mini, medi and maxi to have all our girls covered! You can vote for the Kimini on and click on Kimini. Polls close at 4pm today. If Joanne makes it through this round she will then compete on Friday live again against the other 2 top winners for the chance to air live on QVC Saturday.


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